30 day challenge – Weird things you do when you’re alone


This quote has no reference whatsoever to this post

I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon and y’know what? I really miss writing. So this is my attempt to get back into it. I really love writing and have been a pretty avid journal writer especially through my teens! I’ve had a lot of shitty emotions come up from last year so I’ve got back into it. I am a massive advocate of the journal club. I got it from Isaac Likes who got it from another blogger etc etc. I take it as a welcome distraction to get back into my passions and to get out of my sad stage. Gotta keep busy, yo.

So, weird things I do when I’m alone….. I sing a lot especially when I’m cooking and sometimes if I’m leaving the house and listening to my iPod then I’ll do a wee dance down the hall (Fandango by ABBA is pretty dope) Taylor Swift dance parties are a regular occurence (and definitely a favourite form of therapy.) I get really bad FOMO and like keeping busy so I generally have someone over or I’m out adventuring.

Image via pinterest


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