30 day challenge – How have you changed in the past 2 years


me two years ago….I think

Two years ago I was going through some massive depression. It got to the point where I would be on the verge of tears but the anxiety was always there, man. I would always convince myself that I was okay and would just stay in my own little bubble and get all mopey. Basically, I was a nightmare to be around and I hated my life/self/everything. I had the dreaded performance review with my boss and poured my heart out to her about everything that was happening. After a good chat I thought about going on anti depressants which was pretty much the last thing I wanted to do. I woke up the next day, called in sick and made an appointment with my doctor. I went on anti depressants and the two weeks following that was the absolute worst. However, I felt better and was a lot more productive. I quickly learnt that they weren’t going to solve my problems so six months down the track I started CBT which is the best form of therapy ever. From there I became this whole new person. CBT opened my mind completely, eased my anxiety and made me act a lot more proactively about my problems. I worked out hard, ate better and was a lot kinder. I also took on a ‘lesser’ role at work which took a major load off. To this day I am still working on it coz my resilience s u c k s but I have grown into a better person. I deal with shit a lot better, I’m in a way better place, my friends are dope, I’ve got a job I love and a super cool apartment.


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