30 day challenge – 4 things that irritate you about the opposite/same sex



I may or not be making a Mambo No. 5 reference here. It bugs me how dudes are super nonchalant about dragging several girls along. It’s shitty and fucking annoying. No body got time fo yo shitty self,  BRO.


How boys get away with talking all sorts of shit about girls (psycho, crazy, bitch, slut etc)
but if it’s turned around the dudes a legend. I hate this double standard! For example for Miley Cyrus is a massive whore for her VMA performance and even though Robin Thicke was all up in her shit he was completely let off. Aghhhh! #feminism


I hate it when you’re out on the town and some bro tries cracking onto you even though you’re blatantly not interested OR if he creeps on your friend who is far too nice to say no. Just go away homie!

 cannot stand when dudes act different around you to their mates. Like how one minute they’re so sweet then when they’re with their friends you find yourself questioning what the fuck is happening. Stop acting like tools with your boyssssss.



Girls can be so two faced! I’ve had so many girls claim to be my friend but talk a whole load of shit behind my back. I don’t get why we do this but we do and it’s the worst. This year I got so very over it and bit the bullet. If I was getting to the point where someone was pissing me off and I had just had enough of their overall shitty friendship then good bye and good riddance. It’s hard to do but damn shawty get your shit together.


I know wanting something is a universal trait but damn I feel us girls take it to a whole new level. It’s always highlighted in the ol rom coms but I hear ‘I wish I was like so and so’ and ‘So and so is flawless’ then we get so caught up in wanting  to be someone different that we forget about all the good things we have (coz sadly we all primarily focus on getting better at things etc and not taking two secs to realise that we’re all pretty remarkable!) Even if we’re openly jealous it doesn’t really make much of a difference to our views on ourselves. I think it’s harder for women because we have a lot more exposure to the supposed perfection that exists.


We fall for douchebags. Straight up. Then, we complain about it incessantly and we know the option to break up with him is there but we’re too scared to let go of it because said douchebag can be SO RAD sometimes and you feel the happiest and holy moly life is good. Everyone else is our life suffers though. We start losing friendships and what not and the douchebag breaks up with us or cheats on us everyone else has to pay including us. It’s one of those very hard lessons that we don’t realise until AFTER it’s all fallen apart. No matter what is said by our friends

number 3

Ok, ok MAYBE TO NOT THAT EXTENT but we rule with our hearts a lot more than we should. We know that doing dumb things like letting dumb people back into our life.

I could only think of four.


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