Weekly Love # 28

FF hangs

I was in a massive slump at the beginning at the week. I know fo sho that I need a holiday right now. I’m pretty sure everyone needs a holiday by September though. I started this week feeling tired and over waking up coming to work and doing the same ol thing. The past few days I’ve skipped the gym in order to go home and sleep. I’ve been rereading the Hunger Games so it has been wonderful to go home, pop into bed, read for an hour then get in a solid sleep. I woke up this morning feeling a lot better and was relieved to know that I wasn’t getting into a depressive slump again I was just tired, needed a break and a good nights sleep. It reiterated the fact that while it’s all good and well to do this that and the other and stay busy you also need to give yourself some time to recharge your batteries.

Little things: a good nights sleep, lavender body wash, day drinking with my bestie, Tyler, the Creator – Wolf (always makes me feel better), smashing out a good gym sesh after a shitty day, Breaking Bad, productivity, Whole Pantry’s tea berry smoothie, NEW DRAKE, peppermint tea, having my friends pop round late then stay all weekend long, snap chat, having coffee after voluntarily going without coffee for 16 days (never again), taking a minor break from make up, how worried my dad gets if he can’t get in touch (so sweet), my residents, ditching gluten and dairy, having another ENFP in the office, pay day, sober weekends, and sunny weather (finally!),


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