30 day challenge – things you are currently worried about


I am currently (mainly) worried about two things.

Monayyyy – Shit so I signed up to a plan (for some dumb reason…..) for my phone and  I thought I would be sorted. Now I am in like $700 in debt which will render me poor for the next month. To top it off I committed to a holiday in Raro in December, sevens, Taylor Swift and I have my eyes on Laneway. Plus Christmas. It’s so frustrating because I hate being poor! It’s stressful being in debt.

Bumping into my ex – We had a pretty shitty break up last year before he left to travel and he was a real dick. However, we had talked about his return and us getting back together. Fast forward to nearly a year later and he moved back with a new girlfriend in tow and ughhh really dreading the awkward situation where we will be at a mutual friends place or something. It’s that awful sinking feeling coz while I am over him I am not over the situation and it makes me anxious especially because Wellington is so small and he works with my dad every once and a while. It’s a weird worry but I just worry about my reaction.

I also worry about: lipstick on my gawd damn retainer, losing my iPhone when I’m drunk, my alarm not going off, forgetting about bookings at work, dying without seeing Italy, having my teeth take their old shape back, my kids ignoring me next year at the super market and getting fat.

I am so embarrassed by this list but hey, it’s honest.


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