30 day blog challenge – your views on drugs and alcohol

Ahhh this is an interesting one.

On my dads side of the family everyone loves to drink a lot. Back in August my Aunty and Uncle renewed their vows for their 40th wedding anniversary and then at 11am our whole family went to the pub and drank for several hours. Come Friday we have family drinks and we all get pretty boozy. Same with my friends. I kind of want to stop drinking for a bit coz it’s not that I have a drinking problem but sometimes my drinking causes problems. I’m pretty harsh on myself about my drunken mistakes but I’m going through a phase of self love and improvement. I can be really mean to myself when it comes to my mistakes but since  I want to get off anti-depressants and I know eliminating alcohol makes this goal a lot achievable.

As for drugs….I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t tried them but I just don’t know why you would most of the time. They just get crazier as the time goes on. Have you seen krokodil? Christ. What the hell, man?!


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