30 day challenge – Single life!


Its cheesy but damn right

Last year boys all of a sudden were all ‘hey hey’ and after being miserable being single for so long I dove into two very intense relationships (at different times of course) and got my heart broken super quick. Like, a month to a month and a half of dating. It was ridiculous but it felt right at the time. I’ve had a year to absorb the past year and heal. I finally understand when people say they don’t want a relationship right now. Next year I want to travel and now I’ve got a fair amount of closure I’m enjoying my life a lot more.
Things I quite like about being single are:
– no pressure to do social things when you really just want to be alone
– going out at a moments notice
– no drama/jealousy/Red by Taylor Swift
– being able to let yourself go a bit
– being selfish
– having the time to work on my goals
– having my friends pop round for a yarn then have them stay over
– not having to shave my legs etc if I really can’t be bothered


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