30 day challenge – things you want to say to an ex


Zeus – ~the only man I’ll ever need~

I’m going to rap this coz it’s a lot easier

The other day I finally got over last year
You dumped me right before I cut my hair
It was out if the blue and I felt like I couldn’t live without you
All I was listening to was the Usher song my boo
I use to think about what I would say to you given the chance
But after saying one word to each other your douchebag friend pushed me and threw me off my stance
We were only together for a short while
But you were the first dude to ever really make me smile
I know I drove you crazy with texts like I miss you
But it didn’t warrant what it came to
I didn’t appreciate the label you gave me
You made me wander what the fuck and same with Aimee
You know I didn’t send those fucked up messages
When we you first got together you would have remembered your exes kind of presages
The fact that you two couldn’t even properly apologise
Made me so fucking glad you ran a mile
I know this is very 10 things I hate about you
But the other day I finally forgave you

And for the second (last year was tough ok?)
I joked around with dad about getting to know you for a year
And when you called that day I was drunk from the night before in my underwear
I heard a lot about your reputation
But I was okay coz I thought i wouldn’t be on that same rotation
When you told me one our first date you were soon to be leaving
I never though me and you would have that feeling
I know it got hard really fast
I’m kicking myself for dragging us through what we shouldn’t have passed
You left me hanging for nearly a year
I was left with some deep pain I found it hard to bare
You left me feeling like I was just some slut you fucked
And when you left me like you did you had no idea how much it fucking sucked
You think you’re a man and consider yourself a hero
But if you look closely around you’ll realise your work mates think you’re zero
The other day when you couldn’t even look at me on the street
I knew I was over you and past the defeat
I feel better now getting this shit off my chest
You taught me a lesson never to trust the shiny badge on ones chest


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