30 day challenge – A date you would love to go on


Chances are you’ll find me here with this blanket most the time

This is such an odd question. Right now the only dates I’m going on are ones with myself. This is how I date myself and how I learnt to be alone. Dating yourself aka ‘me time’ is something everyone should schedule in. I thrive when I’m around people but since I’m surrounded by people every day and I’m pretty busy so any time I get to myself is amazing. I’ve spread myself too thin in the past so I make sure I get some time in to recharge my batteries. These are my favourite self dates:

– Long, long walks around the bays
– Hit the gym without any distractions
– Rise early and drink coffee in bed with a book (and probably animal videos)
– Buy fancy foods from Moore Wilsons and gorge
– When I have enough time to slowly get ready for the morning 
– Having the apartment to myself for a couple of days
– Weekend nights in with a good movie + doing my nails
– Taylor Swift dances parties / singalongs 
– Making time to get pretty before I go out
– Writing in my diary and getting all my problems off my chest
– Having time to cook and bake



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