Weekly Love # 29


I’m currently on leave after a very long couple of weeks! I caught the bus yesterday morning to Auckland which gave me a lot of time to sit and regroup my thoughts which I haven’t had much of a chance to do lately. I thrive when I’m busy but I always forget to take it easy!

I’m in sunny Auckland sitting at the viaduct and I’m very, very excited because I’m off to Taylor Swift tonight. Last year after a hectic turn of whirlwind romances and a lot of uncertainty I was left absolutely crushed. Having Red to listen to made the process a lot more easy and was such a big part of my moving on process. Before I got over it I thought that the concert would be my closure but I got it a couple a months ago. Hallelujah!

Here is my list of things I’m grateful for:
– my best and dearest friend Aimee who is always there to cheer me up when things suck.
– my flat mates who drive me mental but are always there when I need them
– my apartment which is right in the city and is well priced. I haven’t lived anywhere as long as I have there since moving out of home
– my dad who is part dad part good friend. I was pretty bummed out the other day and he gave me an amazing pep talk and finished it with ‘now go kick some ass!’
– my mum who always provides me with cute stories about the cats and is a listening ear if I need one
– my work mates who are always understanding
– having a job that has given me the chance to meet a whole load of cool people
– Marbig for creating the best journals ever
And of course the little things I love: bright summery dresses, chicken laksa, comedy Sundays, having time to read, sun sweet sun, adventure days with Brett, living in a country filled with stunning coastlines, Friday night wine club with my best friend + Drake dance offs, making lists and sticking to them, gaining self control, really long walks, having time to ponder, early breakfasts with dad making space for productive days, bars that have bean bags, dogs and picnic blankets!, my iPhone, getting my fringe trimmed, having crushes, snap chats, being able to wear jandals to work, smoked salmon is everything, making plans with my best friend (and fave person to travel with) and helpful strangers who take an hour out of their day to help you get to your destination safely.


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