The Gingers Guide to Life – Love advice for my 16 year old self

20131205-215226.jpgIf all fails there will always be cats

Dear 16 year old Anna

You’re at an age now where you want a boyfriend. Now, it will be a few years till you start dating but I want you to know a few things. If I could go back in time this is what I would want you to know.

1. I know you’re bummed that he doesn’t like you back but calm down coz there will be plenty more. That dumb saying ‘There’s plenty more fish in the sea’ rings true. Do not send him 500 Facebook messages telling him you miss him. It makes you look crazy and won’t change a thing.

2. Just coz he likes you lots and you like him lots doesn’t mean you should compromise all your free time to be with him. Your best friends boyfriend will tell you in a drunk heart to heart in a few years that when it’s right they will fit into your life easily.

3. Slow the frick down! I know you have one speed (like Charlie Sheen on crack) and like everything all at once but take it easy girlfriend. If it works it works if it doesn’t then refer back to number 1.

4. Being single isn’t a bad thing. I know society, media and older family have made us feel like dicks if we’re single but utilise this time to fall in love (or even more in love) with yourself. Learning to be happy alone is one of the greatest things.

5. Shave your legs and tidy your pubes regularly. Even if you are going on a self date. Just…..please do it.

6. Just coz he’s hot doesn’t mean he’s going to be a flawless.

7. Looks definitely aren’t everything. Go for someone who will make you laugh and has good thoughts. I promise you great things come from here.

8. Keep your legs shut for a while. If you like someone do not be afraid to hold out.

9. Trust your instincts above all else. Your friends will remind you of the evidence that he likes you in moments of doubt but you will know if he does. Trust you instincts! Everyone has their own experience etc but take any advice you get lightly.

10. Don’t be afraid to be gutsy or pull someone up on their bullshit. No one needs that!

11. Never date someone who is leaving. It will hurt your feelings a lot.

23 year old Anna


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