30 day challenge – 10 things about you people don’t expect


1. I love hip hop. I hated it all through high school coz whenever someone would put music on in the common room or in class it was auto tuned bullshit. Later on I found Atmosphere and fell in love. Later on I bought ‘Graduation’ and it’s been my favourite genre ever since. This girl in my class once told me that Atmosphere ‘Isn’t real hip hop’. BYE.
2. I love to party. I love getting dressed up with my friends and taking too many pictures.
3. I have depression and I’ve dealt with it all my life. But we’ll talk about that more later on.
4. How badly I want to be a writer. I guess I could say I’m a writer but….yeah nah. I’ve kept a journal since I was 11 and writing about things (even if it isn’t my feelings) makes me feel very happy.
5.  I have never had a proper boyfriend (there have been dudes I’ve been exclusive with which is essentially a relationship but they didn’t go too far) I KNOW I CAN’T BELIEVE I’VE BEEN SINGLE FOR SO LONG TOO. But in all honestly I’ve only just really sorted out my own shit and I am glad I wasn’t in a relationship.
6. I was a vegetarian in college. I became an omnivore officially after my dad made me bolognaise one day.
7. The distance I walk (it takes 13km or so to clear my head……I have a lot of thoughts)
8. I nearly became a hair dresser. I had a huge interest in the beauty industry from a young age and at 16 was offered an apprenticeship. My boss was really cruel and so I gave it up. I wanted to end up being a beauty writer and often times would buy magazines just to read that one section.
8. I eat A LOT for a fairly small human.
9. I had braces for 8 years and I’ve only had them off for 3-4 months. I smile a lot more in photos and I love it.
10. If I could marry any one in the entire world it would be Paul Rudd. Or Drake. Please don’t make me choose.


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