30 day challenge – Something you can’t seem to get over


I started writing this part a little while ago and it was all  little stuff like how guys I liked could just drop off of the face of this earth without even saying goodbye and while I don’t mean to dismiss the heart ache of those who have written that I knew there was something bigger that I couldn’t get past.

Then I started thinking about depression. I started thinking about my 7-8 year old self and how depressed I was at such a young age. An age where you’re meant to be carefree and happy. I started thinking about the cruelty of young kids and how teachers and principals so easily brushed it off despite having the pressure of my parents on their back. Sure, I developed a thick skin over time but I look back to these times and I think about how sad I was and how awful everything had become. It still brings tears to my eyes thinking about it because adults are meant to be there to help, support and protect you. There isn’t anything a weird 7 year old can do to stop bullying and depression. I could write about this forever and still not be over it. I could pin it on life being not fair but I have crafted my life from this and becoming a better person. I just can’t seem to get over how it was so easily brushed off.


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