30 day challenge – 10 ways to win your heart

1. Buy me fried chicken. I’m not even lying.
2. Be open to doing new things. I can understand if you’re apprehensive about doing weird new things but I like to live
3. Not mind that I will call you. I’ll always ask if it’s okay first coz spontaneous phone calls spook me sometimes but I really like to talk on the phone.
4. Be up to hanging out lots. I am an extrovert and spending way too much time alone in my down time bums me out. Just, come round. I’ll make you a coffee then we’ll make plans.
5. Talk about your feelings. It bugs me when people (aside from maybe 2) keep their feelings locked up and you can’t have fun with them because they’re so miserable and won’t let me help them.
6. Enjoy my cooking.
7. Don’t be a phony. I do not want to hang out with who you think I want to hang out with.
8. Don’t winge about how terrible your life is then shoot down every suggestion I make. It will only get worse not better!
9. Be open to slumber parties where we eat pizza and watch movies late. That’s all I really feel down for these days.
10. Keep an open mind to all sorts of conversation topics. I am the most comfortable around the friends that I can freely discuss the details of my intimate life, etc and vice versa.


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