Weekly Love # 31

his is Richard! His name isn’t really Richard but we will get to that part….

I am officially on holiday! Woohoo! 3 whole weeks off to whatever I please. I came up to my dads on Saturday afternoon and have had the house pretty much to myself for the past five days. I noticed a pattern in gratitude and that was that I rarely take time to relax and get away from everything for a while. I was definitely starting to get cabin fever. I have always been a ‘Go! Go! Go!’ kind of person and have a hard time saying no so to stop and recharge my batteries has been amazing. I love living in the city but getting away from my everyday life has been incredibly refreshing. I’ve actually had really long sleeps and have had no rush to go anywhere, do anything and had no one to please which is exactly what a holiday should be all about.

Little things: cans of coke, having an endless supply of food, Richard the cat (this deserves its own post), baths, ‘This is 40’, having an entire house to myself, excessive planning for next week, making lists, sleeping like a baby, getting ready to complete Aimee & I’s summer list and preparing for a very fun week ahead.


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