Magical moments with Richard the cat

ook at the love in those eyes

The other day I started using a quiz app called ‘Quizup’ My icon was chosen for me and is very fitting – a ginger cat. A couple of days later I was doing the regular blog trawl and I found a video of Tavi Gevinson giving a talk in Sydney. In her talk she mentions magical moments and how she has written down a list of magical moment she has encountered. She’s a smart cookie so I looked up her online zine Rookie. Later that I night I was getting in the washing and I turned around and this beautiful very young ginger cat was walking across the grass. He was startled and started to run but I called him and he came back. I sat with this cat for an hour and he followed me around my dads house. He is a very sweet and smoochy cat who just wanted a lot of pats and to smooch my face. He’s definitely under a year old (he still has his baby teeth and isn’t neutered) with the most fantastic ginger tabby markings which I love coz we have always had at least one tabby cat. After Richard left I was feeling pretty lonely. I have this big house to my house which is great but I live by the fact that a house is not a home without a cat. I went back to reading Rookie and was reading the article about Christmas music that isn’t really Christmas music. I started listening to a couple of Joni Mitchell’s songs that Tavi recommended and bought the album Blue on iTunes. I was sitting outside having a cigarette and was watching the songs load. The last one of the album is ‘The Last Time I Saw Richard’. Richard the cat came around again on Tuesday night. I was cooking and looked out the window to see him on the deck and walking away. I called him back and we hung out till my friend Brett scared him away. I really hope that is not the last time I will see Richard.

 have never known a cat who washes itself so much. Richard is a clean, clean cat.

o focussed!

DSC_2060Gingerly crossing the lawn


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