Weekly Love # 33 – Happy New Year!


New years eve on our end was pretty fuss free! Aimee and I stayed in the city and I was determined for her to have a good New Years coz her past three had been less that awesome. We rocked up to my friend Jordana’s house and had a few drinks then boosted to town just before the countdown. I haven’t really been drinking very much so the hangover hit me pretty hard. I feel like the New Year will be a few drinks over dinner kind of year. If you had told me that my ‘Ugh! Never going out again!’ resolution was going to actually feel right in May I probably would’ve laughed and said ‘Yeah, sure it is…..’ I’m still sorting out my sleeping pattern after the 5am bed time….

I went back to work on Friday but kept staying at my dads up until today. I was clinging on to the last days of my holiday and commuting 45 minutes both ways so I could squeeze every last second out of my holiday and the chance to be out of the city. These past 3 weeks have been amazing. I haven’t had this much time off since I was in high school! When I read back I know that I need to take more time out before I burn out. Aimee and I were talking about goals before new year and I told her my 2014 theme was ‘Mind, Body and Soul’. A few days later I was talking to Michelle and hers was exactly the same! I spent a bit of time writing what it meant to me last night and I have a few projects that I want to follow through with and I have got a few trips mapped out in my head as well. 

2013 was successful for me because I took a step back
and grew up. I saw how I was screwing up and did everything to change it. I feel like I have developed a really good relationship with myself and it sounds cheesy or whatever but after having a lot of time where things weren’t very good it’s nice to have time where things ARE good. 

Little things: Richard the cat who I am contemplating catnapping….; getting a decent nights sleep; the Book Thief – Markus Zusak, working one day weeks; having my dads place to myself; baths!; (dare I say it…..) Candy Crush; the hangover phone call round; buying new shoes; giving my room an epic tidy up; Moroccan oil deep conditioner; healing my anxieties naturally; clean eating; and freshly painted toe nails!


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