Weekly Love # 34


Yknow what? It has been a tough mother of a week so I’m going to kick it old school. When things get tough I always look at what keeps me from crumbling and it’s my friends and family. I’m especiallylucky to have a best friend like mine. 16 years of falling in and out of friendship is tough but we stuck to it. I’m so fortunate to have someone who has my back, brings me constant amount of laughter and makes me feel like I’m never alone.

There are the little things too of course: catching up with some of my kids for late night BK; revamping my quote wall; Katy Perry – Prism; getting back into the gym; phone calls; hilarious dialogue on Californication; the Book Thief; being back home in the city; productive days; making plans to get out of the city more with my BFF; befriending stray cats that aren’t Richard and getting lots of sleep.


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