Weekly Love # 35


Dog cuddles cure everything

I’ve been in a bit of a rut over the past few weeks. Summer is the time of the year that I feel the most blue which is weird coz….it’s Summer. All of the sucky things happen in summer in my world. After some fairly serious shite hitting the fan I was just so tired and depressed that after work I would sit and binge while watching a lot of sitcoms.

This week was a real turning point for me coz I was able to ease out of my rut after a long weekend away with my bestie. It was so nice to kick back, catch up on t.v and talk about things. We’re like an old married couple sometimes! I always appreciate and value her words coz she knows me as well as I know myself. That weekend away was like stepping outside of my rut filled box and being able to problem solve more efficiently. This week was a lot better and loads more productive. I’m still learning to master the art of escapism in Wellington but it’s a slow progression.

Little things: comedy tv marathons; dog sitting; working out super hard; having the kids back; hilarious flat banter; Shortland Street despite how terrible it is; kicking back in bed; Beauty and the Geek; The Bachelor AU; hot sunny days; green tea before bed; and having the apartment to myself!


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