Goodbye, Richard


A few months ago I wrote a post about Richard the cat. The sweet little ginger tabby who hung around my neighbourhood that dad and I took in. Love had no boundaries when it came to Richard. He was super sweet and always looked so happy. As far as I know he was a stray who just liked hanging out with people. We fed him and played with him as he stopped by every morning and evening then occasionally through the day.

Last night my dad picked me up after a chaotic couple of weeks (more on that later). He said ‘I have some sad news. On Thursday night Richard the cat got hit by a car. The lady who bought him to the door said it was so quick and when she picked him up he purred a for a bit then passed away.’ I am so very saddened by this. Richard was a saving grace in the same way my cat, the late Alice, was. I will miss you dearly Richard and I hope you’re high on catnip in kitty heaven playing with every flax bush in site. You will be missed terribly. 



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