Weekly Love # 36


Post work out selfie earned!
The past three weeks have been mental. First off, I got a throat infection during the busiest transitional time at work which lead me to work over time to catch up. After that was just a series of ‘AND THEN ________ HAPPENED’ i.e Richard dying, my bestie being in a car accident and work just being absolutely mental. It has been hard to find any form of beauty in the chaos because my life for the past three weeks has been a caffeinated dream where I’ve just been floating through making sure I am awake and not sleeping through my alarm. In saying that, there has been some really awesome times and I made sure that at the end of this all that I would have a bunch of fun things to do. This weekend my dad and I are going to go and do a beginners photography course through ‘Three Little Wishes’ and then after that I’m going camping in the Wairarapa which will be a much needed escape. One of the things that got me through the worst parts of depression was having things to look forward to and it’s definitely a habit I have carried on.

Little things: family time; phone convo’s with my bestie, ugly face off’s via snap chat; lots and lots of coffee; having a fun team to work with; Are you the one?; Adventure Time; Danny Brown – XXX; soft, printed pants taking office casual to a whole new level; getting a good nights sleep; writing in my journal; escapism via game apps aka Candy Crush; brightly coloured lip stick; Bonnie Tsang’s instagram; the continued simplicity and consistency of NubbyTwiglet.com; wanderlust; productivity; Anonymous posts on Thought Catalog, Speak Now – Taylor Swift; getting back into Atmosphere; Girl Code; getting back into the gym and pushing myself to where I once was!


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