Weekly Love # 38


Picture of Oriental Bay the other night

It’s been a pretty hectic week in a semi good way. I’ve managed to catch up with a lot of people I missed, gave the apartment a good clean, went on a date (no spark womp wah), got robbed (bye DSLR 😦 ), and caught up with my bestie. I thought my world would stop spinning but it’s been pretty mental still. I woke up this morning in an anxious state for the first time since I left work and it made me realise that while I’ve left a lot in the air the improvement of my mental health has been paramount. When you’ve been through depression you appreciate your happiness so much more and do anything to sustain it.

Little things: working out lots (I threw up mid cross trainer today….it was awesome); one of the dudes downstairs who helped us get our stuff back; keeping busy and enjoying the fuck out of it; Are you the one? (IT’S SO GOOD I JUST….CAN’T); Fancy by Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX (album is PRE ORDERED AND I CAN’T WAIT!!!); the fact that I am easily excited; Pharrell Williams – Girls; hoodies and tshirts from AS Colour (best tees and sweats in town – durable and affordable!); catch up dinners; making decisions with my head rather than my heart; Moore Wilsons; the cyclone heading our way (an excuse to sit in my sweats); showing gratitude; my second mama; having my flat mates and I chill at home at the same time; buying new jeans and the fact that I haven’t been sitting on my ass like a dero coz I legit thought I’d be couch bound.

P.S please ignore my awful formatting. I update from my cellphone coz I’m trying not to buy a lap top to reduce the amount of time I’m staring at a screen.


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