Weekly Love pt 39


For the last few weeks I’ve been in this semi depressive state. The past few days have been even harder. Clearly I romanticised leaving my job and being free far too much in my head. Today I put on my big girl pants (slash yellow polka dot dress) and went and handed out my CV. Top the past few weeks off with breaking the world record for break ups by breaking up with the dude I was seeing for the 6th time and then feeling like an asshole coz I’m notoriously bad at relationships. I do have moments where I’m like ‘I wonder what interesting curve balls will be thrown my way this time’ and it’s exciting but it has made me reluctant to write about everything that’s going on or be gratuitous. Reading that made me realise it was just what I needed.

Little things: my flat mates awkward chats over breakfast; the weather!; wearing red lipstick again; Candy Crush; Adventure Time; frozen raspberries; being told I look like a ‘Ray of sunshine’; coffee dates with step ma ma; bro outs with DR; and having my BFF around the corner.


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