Weekly love pt 40


This week has been awesome coz Autumn is finally here. I’m not sure why but there is always something about Summer that depresses me greatly. I like Autumn coz the temperature is just right and I don’t feel bad for not using every part of the sunlit day or not leaving the house. It’s that perfect time of the year to wind down with a book and a tv series. It’s also the time of the year where I say I’m going to use my crock pot but leave it sadly sitting next to the equally neglected toasted sandwich maker.

little things: David Sedaris; Alida Nugent; emailing with my best friend all day + impromptu bestie hangs; Adventure Time; nachos; and playing unhealthy amounts of games on my phone (to the point where my eyes hurt and blood is drained from my hands. Success is different for everyone)

Sorry! This was meant to be posted last Thursday!


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