Weekly love pt 41


Hallelujah! Last Friday afternoon rolled around with good news in tow – I am employed! It’s feels like I’m going in reverse job wise but I am happy because it is a 7 minute walk from my apartment and right next door to my best friends apartment. All of the convenience! I’m really happy because I can now enjoy the next two weeks in peace. I am also happy because I get to stay in my loft with the boys I’ve lived with for the past 2 and a bit years and I’m quite confident they were secretly relieved I wouldn’t be moving out ;).

Little things: Generation Cryo; burning incense; getting out of the apartment; my BFF getting a cat!; electric blankets; having a very clean apartment; spring cleaning; reading a lot; being so lucky to have such supportive and kind people in my life; making laksa; David Sedaris; track pants; our landlord; reading all day; slowly building up my weights to what they once were; and celebrating our best Friendaversary!


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