Weekly love pt 42


I’ve been slowly transitioning into a new job over the past 2 weeks and a whole new routine away from the ol 9 to 5. I have really enjoyed working nights because it means I get to sleep in and I’m so busy that I don’t really notice the time. My job has enough variety to not make me hate everything which in my opinion is a massive PLUS. My week is so ‘here and there’ that I don’t really have a proper Monday so when Sunday rolls around it’s my Wednesday or Thursday and it’s very nice not to hate Mondays.

Little things: babysitting the animals with my BFF; Pretty Little Liars marathons; seeing Arctic Monkeys on Saturday with my BFF and her beau; having the most raucous night out I’ve had in a very long time; date night; Cocoa Butter Kisses cocktails at Library; making the most epic soup; having a nice sense of calm; oranges from Moore Wilsons (perfect every time!); herbal tea; learning about the healing properties of spices; my Adventure Time mug; Demetri Martin – This is a Book; lavender laundry powder; my work uniform (um, yes I would very much like to wear a LBD everyday!) and being Romeo and Juliette with my best friend over and under her balcony.


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