I’ve been crazy busy over the last few months. It’s been a weird year all round to be fair and my time is always limited. I’ve recently started a new job and my boss is very big on goals. He told us he didn’t hire a guy coz he didn’t have a five year plan. As harsh as it sounds and as hard as if may be to come up with several goals over 5 years – coz let’s face it at a younger age everything is a whole load of ‘what is going on?!’ It’s still important to look ahead, yknow?

Over lunch today I said to my boyfriend ‘what are your goals for the week?’ as smart as he is he wasn’t super motivated to answer. I rattled off a list of a few things he talks about and we sat down and told each other what we wanted to achieve. I’m busy 12+ hours Monday to Saturday so my goals were small.

This week I want to: keep my room clean everyday; wake up every day and exercise before work; not eat McDonalds aka be prepared so I don’t eat junk and not drink.


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