Weekly Love pt ?


Every week I try and catch Thursdays at least to write. It’s usually the same night JP stays coz he plays squash and it corresponds well with the time I get home. This week I invited him to stay a day earlier and instead of swiping past the WordPress app I decided to write (but fell asleep in the middle of writing and then didn’t end up publishing #yolo)

The past wee while has been a delight. This year has been a mixed bag but the past few months have been surrounded by charming sales gentlemen who mostly dress well enough for our office to resemble a very obscure version of Mad Men. So here’s to the past couple of months which have (OMG) been a financial nightmare and a half but do worth it for the crazy things I’ve learnt.

Little things: JP making me dinner; flat mate banter; getting out of the city; nourishing breakfasts; the boizz I work with; helpful and speedy call centre workers; Gilmore Girls marathons; saunas; work raucousness; personal development; laid back mornings; lighter evenings; doing a whole lot of nothing much; panadol rapid (tastes like lemonade); sleeping through the night, my sister who finds everything I say hilarious and celebrating 6 months with my boyfriend.


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