Weekly Love


This week was EXTRA good for many reasons. I got a new job that doesn’t start till next year which is good coz I can spend time with JP during his holidays, I got to puppy sit my best friends dog allllll week, I got to harass other friends dogs and Sparkles the cat was found! If my moods were tracked on a line graph in sync with seasons Summer is usually the worst for me. I have a good feeling that this year will be different though.

Little things: amazing pasta; date night; Facetiming my mum; catching up with people;  exercising; painting my nails for the first time in FOREVER #festivefingers; CARE getting 2 new tiger cubs!; JP (for always being kind, supportive and proud of any of my achievements) being productive; my last session of therapy (and going from 42 to 21 on the depression measure scale!!!!); planning our staycation; the Simpsons; talking about Serial; getting excited for 2015; Mickey’s engagement; bacon!!! and of course lax weekends in.


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