Weekly Love

imageJust like last year, I had a semi staycation not far from the city. JPs parents went away for two weeks so we had their beautiful home to ourselves. I felt super povo coming back to my place today and every time I looked out the window at the beautiful views I thought ‘#lifegoals’ then had a laugh coz who thinks in hashtags?! I have written a post about my year but had some formatting issues and was too lazy to use JPs iPad. Even though I was sad to go it was rad having his parents home to hang out with!

Little things: Sparkles the male mainecoon; looking out at the city lights as I went to sleep; not having to share things with other people; getting away for a little while; being really lazy; playing house; the warm weather!!!!; NYE (not going to town, dressing comfortably and going to a place with 0 cellphone reception!); finding happiness and purpose through meditating; working out again; the Simpsons; my dads engagement (I love my step mum to be); JPs parents (SO FUNNY); having dinner cooked for me; hanging out with Aimee and her puppy; Not That Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham AND #Girlboss – Sophia Amoruso; and of course, JP.


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