2014 – year in review


The post I originally wrote is nowhere to be seen. Oopsie!I wanted to log the year anyway because reading back on things is a great way to take stock, see how much I grew and think ‘WHAT WAS I WEARING/THINKING/DOING?!’
2014 was definitely a toughie but I persisted and kept an ‘every thing will work out’ mentality once I’d finished losing my shit. I have found having that mindset especially good during bad bouts of depression.

2015 was welcomed in my drunken arms with a bunch of JPs mates and their ladies and I was so damn greatful to not have to be in the city during the horrible weather.

The good – meeting JP, falling in love & putting my walls down (the man has the patience of a saint!); having my bestie back and two blocks away; having Piri back (after years of promises); having Anna back; working in sales; reading heaps; learning what I do and don’t want to do in life; never giving up; Gilmore Girls marathons; becoming more financially dependent; Feb – April was utter bliss; going back to therapy; asking for what I want; asking for help when I needed it; living with the same people for the 3rd year in a row and cooking lots of delicious food.

The bad: a fair amount of job promiscuity; being broke 95% of the time; doubling my medication (fuck off); ending up with some debt; doing jobs I didn’t enjoy; gaining 10-12kgs and not being able to fit my fave clothes

Hopes for 2015 – get my body back which is conducive to my other plan of going back to my original medication dose, paying off my debt before my 25th birthday in May, and saving for an epic holiday!


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