Weekly Love

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my last week of unemployment. It’s nice to spend some time away from things and review yourself a little. I identified my weaknesses not long ago to figure out what I should do next so fingers crossed my next endeavours will be successful!

This year I made a point of not starting my work outs and what not on the first week of the new year. I’ve found (for me at least) that it’s a lot easier to get settled into a new lifestyle after the second or third week into the year. I’ve been using my fitness pal again to track my eating habits since the past year I’ve been overly indulgent and want to reach my goal of been being healthier and happier.

Little things: fun dates; getting a good nights sleep; planning our next holiday; late night walks; changing my reactions to things that bum me out; eating healthier; getting to see Sparkles; learning to enjoy my alone time better; writing again; nachos w my BFF; avo and eggs on toast (Cajun seasoning makes it that much better); getting new walking shoes! and big cat documentaries!


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