Weekly Love

This week has been FULL ON. I really love my days on and off (Sun – Thurs) I like having a day to myself on the Friday even if I’m pottering about doing grown up stuff. I learnt a trick through Gala Darling this week about being more specific about gratitude and last night when I was feeling anxious I got super specific and I felt myself feel calm and relaxed.

1. Walk around the compound webcast which is literally the best thing ever! I’ve always loved big cats and seeing a little sneak peak into their sweet ways is so intriguing to me.
2. JP who makes me laugh so much, picks me up from work on Sunday’s and supports my decisions. I’m lucky to love someone who takes good care of me.
3. My best friend Aimee who if I see when I’m in a bad headspace offers me instant clarity purely with her presence. It’s sorta like coming home which would be about right after 17 years of friendship.
4. My apartment and room mates who I’ve lived with in semi harmony for the last 3 years which has made this place feel like a real home.
5. The colder weather which makes me feel so alive.
6. Gabrielle Bernstein who I knew about but explored her work only towards the end of last year which I fell in love with. I asked the universe for female role models and then I found her.
7. My parents who are so different but bring good things to the table. I really enjoy how we get along so well.
8. The long embrace I shared with Mickey after bumping into her a YEAR after I saw her last.
9. Meditation which I don’t do nearly enough but always makes me feel whole.
10. Having the benefits of going to therapy. CBT changed my life and I feel so fortunate to have experienced it.

Little things: gorilla greens smoothies; the long embrace Mickey and I shared after not seeing each other for over a YEAR!; impromptu boyfie sleepovers; falling asleep before 9:30 just because; air conditioning on a really hot day; getting all my chores done; playing with LOKI!; making new work mates; having make up free days; organising my debt and making a break even; not having to worry about wearing a jacket when I leave the house; being organised to the max; practising the art of not giving any fucks; fashion and shapes and the hour or so before I go to bed that I’m alone.


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