Weekly Love

IMG_4393I had a super tiring week this week. It seems if I don’t get one good day to myself then I am a goner for the rest of the week. Here are the things I’m grateful for this week.
1. Having a luxury like sky so I can watch my shows whenever I please. Namely Criminal Minds but it is the best feeling to sit in my pjs and chill.
2. Catching up with my family after a very long absence. I love my family and due to conflicting schedules it’s super hard for us to catch up on the regular. We had a BBQ for dads birthday and sat out in the sun drinking and eating snacks.
3. JP and our wonderful Valentines plans. No gifts – just food.
4. Winning a $100 voucher for dinner at Southern Cross for both of us to go out.
5. Getting wonderful signs from the universe and feeling super positive about the shape of our relationship
6. Seeing my best friend randomly and chilling with her and her pup
7. The hours I work. Tomorrow is my WEDNESDAY! Am I excited? Hell yes!
8. I’m grateful that I made stupid dietary choices over the last few days. Feeling like shit has reminded me of how good a healthy diet is.
9. Stepping out of my comfort zone to get help with said diet and food.
10. Having heaps of fun at work!!


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