Weekly Love

Im not sure who reads this but you’ve probably noticed that I don’t post very often. I always do my best to update my gratitude because it keeps me good and reminds me even on my darkest days that life is pretty A+. Also, my flat mate is choosing to watch flickery thibgs on tv and I’m sick so sleep is totally out of the question. 

1. JP – I know I know he’s always on this list but Yknow what? He’s seen me in all states and still loves me. I had a real shitty time on Saturday and he reminded me of things I used to do to keep me happy. Plus, even though I caught the flu off of him he still walked across town (looking fine as hell I might add) to bring me pho. 

2. My new manager – she is honestly a total power house and she makes me laugh so much. I have a lot of respect for her and love working with her. 

3. My job – ok yeah work can be challenging sometimes and after working with boys all the time working with girls is a whole different ball game but I’m fond of my job because making other people feel good is my raison d’être. Period. 

4. Meditating – always brings me back to my happy place and it’s so rad. I’m going to start doing balance classes again which brings me to my next point….

5. Being in a financial position to go to the gym again – plus the reminder that when I bust my ass at the gym and eat healthier I’m the best version of myself. 

6. Mood boards – one of my workmates and I were talking about style and she suggested a mood board so last night in bed I did just that. I varied my pins from lifestyle to fashion  because gurrrrl, I’m having some issues haha!

7. Impromptu sleepovers – despite me being sick Piri came over with lemonade ice blocks and we sat in bed and talked about boys (no lies!) and in the morning she made us breakfast. I love seeing my friends. 

8. Emails from Aimee – I get so excited when I check my inbox and I have many different emails from her that I know will be hilarious. 

9. Having a new bed frame – no more saggy bed = amazing sleeps.

10. Gabby Bernstein – for keeping shit. super real.

11. Planning to visit my mum – I haven’t seen her in so long and I’m just as excited to see the cats. 

12. Having animal days – I’m having animal withdrawls and spending the day with animals makes me 10 times happier! 


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