Things I wish I knew when I was 18

I don’t regret a lot of things I’ve done in my time. After a while I just stopped caring so much coz it just stops mattering. But I dunno, I just got to thinking today about things I would’ve done differently. Here is an open letter to 18/19 year old Anna.

Dear Anna

I know this is a troubling time for you. It literally feels like everything around you is falling to pieces and you’ve had to grow up fast. Hang in there it gets so much better. 

Firstly, quit your job. It’s giving you way too much anxiety and your boss is an ass. Matter of fact – steer clear of hospo jobs. They will just make you so unhappy. You’re going to get offered a job at a hotel later – do not take it. 

Second up, when you quit your job stop smoking as well. I know it’s a crutch right now and is helping pass this boredom thang you got going on but I promise you – in 6 years time the price DOUBLES! I would also hate to think how much you spend on them.

This part here is a massive sore patch. I’m aware that mum and dad breaking up, finishing school, and all your friends starting new chapters has put you into a bad place. This place won’t last I promise but it comes back to haunt you later. And then again a few years later. Keep going to the gym and eating healthy!!! These two things will change everything. 

Soon enough you’re going to move out of home. I tell you one thing for free – having spare coin up your sleeve is never a bad thing. Stop spending your money on random things you don’t need coz you’ll stupidly get a credit card to fund your first overseas trip and spend the next 3 years paying interest on it. 

Keep doing you, girl. Everything that’s happening now will shape you to be a stronger person later on and you will be proud of who you’ve become. 


Future Anna


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