Weekly Love

This week has been pretty amazing. I had training out in Upper Hutt which my boss and I thought would go all day and ended really early so I got the rest of the day off, I turned 25 yesterday and had a super relaxing day doing nothing much (it was cold and I didn’t want to move), went out for a feast with JP, caught up with the family this afternoon and also got the entire day off! All in all, a damn relaxing weekend. I’d like to say I’m excited to go back to work but if the train and bus network broke down I wouldn’t be upset. 

I told my doctor I would quit smoking before my 25th birthday which was my original goal but decided a week before my birthday that I’d give up the day after. I had a cigarette this morning before going to the markets and it’s cold turkey from here on in. A lot of my pay goes on debt so I’m looking forward to having an extra $60 in my account. I thought also while I’m quitting that Id give junk free June a go. I eat fairly ok during the week but i eat more than I need which has lead to me gaining weight. I’m okish with it and I still love my body I just really want to get back into my old healthy habits. 

Little things: seeing my bestie throughout the week; doing the depression test and realising how far I have come #itgetsbetter; becoming more organised; planning holidays; new cosmetics; waking up naturally before my alarm; getting all my chores done before the end of the weekend; having some time to be alone; making the most of Mercury being in retrograde by reliving my youth; Winter weather and clothing!!!; Apicare hard workers hand cream; thinking about meals for the week ahead; having the apartment to myself and short weeks!!   


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