Weekly Love

I’m bad at being specific but I got some good things going on! This is a nice reminder how damn lucky I am! 

Quiet date nights – Last night JP drove us all around town and we got food and just chilled. It was cold and we went around the suburbs then came home and crashed. It’s a really nice change to going out to dinner. Sometimes you gotta change shit up! 

Eating better – man I feel so much better about my dietary choices. A few wee slips in the road won’t break my stride. Keen to keep going on this wee adventure. I used to take such good care of myself but of course getting in a relationship can definitely take its toll! 

Harry Potter – sometimes I can be a bit so-so when it comes to reading. Reading is one of the few things that I can sit down and DO otherwise I have epic ants in my pants. Harry Potter is so well written and JK Rowling is the bomb.com.

Seeing other people use gratitude – lately I’ve been using the phrase ‘worser things have happened’ to put things in perspective around work but when you see another person listing their three things for the day brightens up mine. Positivity is key! 

My boyfriends parents – I gotta say, sometimes it’s hella shitty having your parents split up so it’s always fun to stop by at JPs parents place and shoot the shit with them. It’s cool seeing the traits that he has inherited.

The weather – I love winter so much. I quite literally want to wrap myself in my bed all day, drink coffee, read and listen to the rain on the roof. My faves! 

Also, today is a sad day in history. My fave flat mate of four years moved out. It’s going to be so fucking weird not having him here but he fell in love (something I wasn’t sure he was going to do haha) so he’s following his heart to AUCKLAND of all places. 


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