Weekly Love

JP – genuine top bloke or maybe I’m just biased. Today he helped me scrub the black mould off my walls, bought me fish and chips and entertained me for a few hours. We’ve both been out with the flu most of the week so it was nice to see each other in person rather than FaceTime. Also shout out to his mum who checked up on me and bought me all sorts of things to help me get better. She is quite literally an angel. 

My mum – she emailed me pretty much every day to ask if I was okay and showed me the cats on FaceTime when I demanded to see them. We’ve had Zeus since I was 13 and Billy since I was 15 so having grown up with them I really miss them (well, Zeus mainly) Having animals around when you’re not you’re best is the best. 


Getting better – I’ve had a lot of issues with my upper respiratory this year (I’ve been sick 3-4 times yikes!) so being on the mend and not having to walk around like Damian (I shit you not that was me on Thursday) was nice. I’m also grateful that I have now got a Doctor in town. I’ve been trying to make my life easier and this is one of the things that is a great help.

Little things: Too Cute! which used to be on Animal Planet but can still be streamed on YouTube. As its name suggests it is indeed, Too Cute!; hot showers and electric blankets; mid morning naps; modern medicine; painting my nails and shaving my legs (TMI maybe but Winter = less self maintenance….well for me maybe); Big Cat Derek; rad street art; having a less mouldy room; getting out of the house; one more week of commuting!!; getting in touch with old friends; going through photobucket from 2005-2009ish and finding some GEMS!; peppermint tea 4 eva; Will and Steve winning MKR (even if Aimee did spoil it for me months ago) and the Jimmy Fallon show.


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