This is me in…..2003-2005. I found it on photobucket earlier on haha. How fitting….

Each week I go to write about gratitude but I don’t really feel like posting. I find it hard to have content that I’m happy with because how I write is how I’ve been influenced during the day. If my day is shit you’ll hear all about it. If my day is good then you will see love hearts appear all over the page. It’s hard to have a blogging ‘voice’ sometimes and it’s only after 5 days of no work that I feel like writing. I write my best when I’ve had a clear head for a few days because everything just rolls off of my brain like so and I don’t feel sel concious. 

Anyway – I realised I didn’t finish Junk Free June. I can’t remember how far along I got but I remember it wasn’t far at all. Yo-yo dieting is in my genes and Dominos is a five minute walk from my apartment so….. Just a little note to the disclaimer – I didn’t ask a soul for money for it and I am 100% behind people eating better which is something I’m working on. 


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