Weekly Love

  Last week was quite easily the best week I’ve had in ages. I’ve moved stores so I’m now 5 mins away from home and it is so good. On the sunnier days I’ve even managed to get out for a walk before work which increases my mood 10 fold. I mean, how can you be mad when that’s your view?!


My best friend and I are making it a ritual to go to the do beach on Saturdays with her wee pup. Not being able to have animals sucks so getting out and patting all the dogs makes me so super happy!! Look how stoked Loki is? He’s the best little dog ever. I wasn’t a fan of them until I met Loki. He has such a sweet temperament and is so smart!


Going out and getting drunk is not something I do very regularly but after this pearler of a week I had to. It was one of JPs very good friends birthday on Friday so we hung out in town for a while. Props to my boo Kasey for the photo. 

As always, JP who looks after me and makes me laugh so bloody much. I’m one lucky gal. 

On my walk the other day I saw like 10 black dogs which made my mind go ‘oh shit’ (bad omens) then when I got to the end of my walk the last dog I was was white (good omen) and then I saw three ducks sleeping in a row…..! The universe does some weird and wonderful things sometimes. 

Little things: doing ~girly~ things; making fun plans; trying weird new things (stag semen beer?!); strong as f coffee first thing in the morning; helping people – I like it; having a massive clothing clean out; waking up slow; About Time; jump suits; weetbix smoothies!!!; morning meditation; meet ups with my pals; espadrilles and Masterchef (I love Al Brown ‘can I say bloody good on television?’)


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