Weekly Love

Reuniting with Mickey – a couple of years ago we spent many times working out, eating junk food and talking for hours about life. We both got boyfriends and oh snap we drifted. Having her back for lols is the bomb. Her positivity and wise words are what every gal needs. 

I was very lucky to have this gal around for 2 weeks as my boss. She’s smart, fun, and so fucking cool I can’t even handle it. I will miss you Emma and I’m so glad you’re only 10 minutes away!

F I N A L L Y getting a Sunday off. I miss the markets and chill days in the city. It’s much warmer outside today which welcomed with open arms. Keep getting warmer pls Wellington. My pasty legs miss the sun!

Dogs – do I really need a reason?

Little things: red heads – always the most beautiful #biased; rekindling old friendships; Spirit Junkie app (Gabby has been slaying it even more so lately); home made burritos by JPs mum; having energy!; Raglan Roast downstairs and with their consistently amazing coffees; Dog beach forever; lazy weekends on the couch; 


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