Weekly Love

imageI need a holiday that was booked last week. If there is one thing I miss about working in an office it’s the glorious holidays! Retail is a bit of a bummer coz it is so busy BUT after this years trip up north to Ohakune and Taupo I’m positive that JP and I will be experiencing a full on Winter down South next year. For now, I’ll settle with ‘warm in the sun, cold in the shade’ Wellington kinda Summer while my leave adds up.



The highlight of my week was for sure going to my flat mates work party at the ZOO! Free booze, Ruth Pretty catering and the animals made for a fun evening. As soon as my flat mate told me I was sold and he got us tickets. The rain has a minor setback and we enjoy ourselves thoroughly. I’d post pics but WordPress is having a mare.

Little things: Homeland; having more sun than we’re used to; new jandals; having a bit of time to prepare food for the week; my BFF learning new things about herself; Gala Darling’s periscope; strawberries; epic sleep ins; morning coffee (I don’t know why but it gets me so excited); spending Xmas with my mum; cuddles; being serenaded; living close to everything; making a massive break through while meditating (this was like, last week but yknow); our 5 year flativersary; tidying my room; Danielle Laporte; fresh berries!!!; having someone to love; Sunday drives; meditation to get my shit together; nice cold beers; SERIAL!!!; having a good cry; relearning to balance my diet; delicious morning smoothies; having good neighbours; JP; the European Christmas carols and seeing ‘the kids’.


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