2015 – a quick recap


2015 was easily my most lazy year. 2014 was so bloody rough I knew that I just needed a break. I just wanted to catch my breath, pay off some debt and not worry about things. We’re off on an impromptu stay in Martinborough shortly. Here’s  few things I did:

I stepped down at work because it was too much drama and moved to a happier store 5 minutes from the apartment. I was stressed a lot and my immune system suffered through winter. It was the best thing to do rather than rough it out and let my health suffer for it. I haven’t been sick since I moved.

I paid off over $2000 worth of debt. I was very poor because of it but knowing that it’s gone is such a stress reliever! I always tell people younger than me to not get a credit card and save where you can. Money is not everything but you need it to get by and having some emergency cash for whatever life brings along is good.

I celebrated another year with JP which was nice. We had a lot of lovely ups and a fair few downs but we sorted through it. A coworker and I talked about love and the perfect person and it’s what you’re willing to put up with that matters. We’ve got a lot of work to do on our relationship but at the end of the day he’s always there for me.

I got big. As in fat. As in shorts that fit me last year need to be heaved up my over my thighs with clenched teeth and my dresses fit tightly across my chest. Gaining weight sucked but at the end of the day I still love my body and having a bigger rack is pretty rad.

My mental health is still a bit shit. I still struggle. I took a couple of mental health days to just CHILL. It was so good. I was a lot of more patient with myself. I didn’t drink coffee if I woke up feeling shitty. I know mental health can’t be changed over night and that’s cool, but I also know there are things that can mitigate the negative effects that need to be worked on.

What do I want to achieve in 2016? Eat better, exercise more, visit my mum more, get out of the city more, pay off my remaining debt, save some money and work on my passions.


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