Weekly Love

This week flew by! I was so happy to not be riding the ‘first week back at work for the year’ wave. It was easier to just work through and not worry about post holiday depression. It’s been very warm here which is pleasant and it has either been very windy or very rainy but luckily not all together which for the most part it is a total win because wet and windy Wellington is such a pain to navigate. I worked 7 days consecutively which was not super thrilling but getting a bit of time to go exercise and eat good food made it worth it.

Little things: doing my groceries online; eating more vegetables; having money to spend!!; new underwear; picnics; waking up to cuddles; spending Christmas gift vouchers; hearty breakfasts; hearing new bands on the street; daylight savings; mini road trips; cleaning my room; exercising with JP; making zoodles; having a bit of alone time; Facetiming mum; ice cold beer from a can (see above) and people watching.


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