Weekly Love

We get to look after this cutie for a week in March!!!

This weekend was one of those weekends where you feel like it has gone on forever. I’m 100% not complaining (of course) but I feel the most relaxed I have in a long time. We went out to JP’s house on Friday night, got a curry, had a good sleep and laxed out. On Saturday we bummed about, did a bit of exercise and went to a BBQ where we had forgot we were going to be house sitting for in March then, today has been another bum around day. The exercise and healthy eating has been a lot better this week. We certainly have indulged a fair bit but I’m working on next week. I mean, on Friday I just ate a whole bag of chips (!!!) for lunch because I hadn’t organised anything…. I try and organise my grocery order before my pay cycle comes around so that I can get them delivered on pay day. Making dinner and lunch for two under $180 is a challenge (we go halves coz JP is here most the week) It is for sure 10 times easier than having to pop to the supermarket and try and decide what to eat!

Little things: sitting in bed and watching netflix; watching the Simpsons; having really good sleeps; getting away from the city; Jhene Aiko and DCFC coming to Wellington in February; staff party next weekend (anniversary the weekend after!); not being hungover; Bhavini’s food; Nike Training Club; alone time; lists & planning; achy post exercise body; and Pretty Little Liars (so bad it’s good)


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