Weekly Love


Today is JP and I’s two year meetaversary! Two years today we would’ve both been hungover, and at our respective homes after enjoying a coffee in my lounge after getting very pissed the night before. We can’t remember the proper date we got together but we took selfies the night we met so we just find it easier to go off that date. We celebrated it for the most part on Friday night, felt pretty average the next day, then went out to Beer Meats Grill for dinner, Kaffe Eis for dessert then bed to nap (actually JP stayed up till 2am watching Pablo Escobar haha!) We’re both feeling pretty slow today so we ate fish and chips at the beach then JP went home and have been facebook messaging ever since. JP has requested that I don’t post pictures of him all over the internet and I am totally down with respecting his wishes. All in all, this week has been a pretty good week.

Little things: precious alone time; Aimee scoring us tickets to Death Cab on the 20th!!!; home made pizza; making badass meatballs (recipe coming shortly); getting motivated for a new step; listening to Death Cab; marathoning Pretty Little Liars; the Veronica Mars movie coming on Netflix; double animal house sitting coming up; Brand New releasing a new album this year!!!!; buttermilk fried chicken burger with fennel and apple coleslaw; smashing out five loads of laundry; sober till November (apparently); super kind pharmacists and of course a well made coffee.


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