Weekly Love


This week has been so damn hot and for once I’m all about it. I usually hate summer coz it’s usually when my depression strikes hot and I’m so pale that I burn in an instant. On Monday I just sat on the beach too chicken to get up and not willing to risk my phone being stolen. On Tuesday and Wednesday after work I left the house without my phone and stayed in the water until my skin went wrinkly and today until I started getting tired. The most liberating this was donning my bikini on and walking around carelessly and enjoying my own company. Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be just as hot! Also a special shout out to my soon to be step mum for organising dads 60th surprise party. It’s nice to do nice things, yknow?

Little things: washing all the suncream off after a long day of adventuring; simple dinners; air conditioning; NASHVILLE!!!; job hunting; early nights; watching the sunset (at this very moment and someone is also letting off fire works); Greek yoghurt; talking to my best friend more; French cats; not being online all day; Danielle Laporte; meditating; when JP plays the guitar really pretty; jandals; having people who think just like you do; Pablo Escobar (different but the same to Narcos and the only thing we agree on tv wise); finding my favourite sunglasses; avocados; Hellers sausages; super stretchy comfy jeans; listening to David Bowie on the way home from dads (and I’m not big on Bowie at all); lying on the beach; and as always JP.


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