Weekly Love


Happy Autumn! I’m very glad to have some cooler weather.I miss having sheets over me and having it cool enough to snuggle at night. I’ve always favoured the cooler weather so I’m stoked to have it here.  I’ve completely fallen off the gratitude wagon and I’m feeling it. This past week I’ve had two (pretty sure they’re alcohol induced) panic attacks. Which is fucking weird for me because despite being depressed it never goes beyond a certain point. The only thing I could really link together is that I had got very drunk at the Death Cab for Cutie concert on Saturday and one Tuesday night I had a beer with dinner. It could not be but I’ve wanted to stop drinking for a long time because one of the main goals I have is to be happier and being happier means being more productive. ANYWAY – aside from those shitty and scary moments this week hasn’t been too bad. On Wednesday morning pre panic attack I bought new jeans and that evening (after sleeping all afternoon) I went to Jhene Aiko with my best friend which was amazing. We went to Death Cab on Saturday and spending this extra time together is awesome. We used to go to gigs nearly every Friday and its so nice to bond over music – something that is important for both of us. I’m so grateful that I have her there to really get my life and this year I’m pretty sure we’re celebrating 13 or 14 years of friendship!! This week I am so much more grateful for my beautiful best friend who makes me laugh more than anyone I know.

Little things: nachos in bed; NASHVILLE!; stretchy jeans for my overgrowing body; seeing people I just adore on the street; morning coffee; fighting through the worst; This American Life before bed; listening to my brain and my body; having money to spare; the email sign ups I get from the stranger who has my same name and keeps botching up the sign up to her accounts; Danielle LaPorte; cheap mangoes; working through the kinks; Undisclosed; waking up early; falling asleep listening to podcasts; Facetiming mum and the cats; finding the perfect set of drawers; relaxing morning routine; productivity; working out my debt and figuring out when I can be debt free; 2 for 1 dinners; updating my wardrobe; and making weekly lists.


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