Weekly Love

imageHappy Easter! I’m so glad I took four days off over this time. I can’t tell you how damn good having a rest after a pretty shitty week is. I’ve slept so much and spent days doing absolutely nothing which is what I’ve needed. It’s nice to have that time to regroup and think about life rather than be go, go, go!! All the damn time. I’m looking especially forward to getting my hair and nails done this week! I made friends with a customer not long ago and I’ve learnt to trust her enough with my hair so fingers crossed it will happen this week. I’ve got so much planned in my head and I’m looking forward to making it a reality!

Little things: JPs mum who is an angel; seeing my other parents; facetiming my mum; sorting out my credit card repayment; having 5 days away from home; getting time off for a funeral; Danielle Laporte; being around animals; getting productive; tidying my wardrobe; podcasts;  the feeling of something amazing being around the corner; JP being JP and giving me good advice; quality time with my BFF; flannelette sheets; colder nights; planning out meals; Cool Cat Group + Cool Dog Group; and clean sheets.


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